The best surfing movies on Amazon Prime

If you’re into surfing movies, then Amazon Prime is a must-have for you. It’s packed with great surfing documentaries, fictional movies, and even short films. There is so much choice on the platform that we thought we’d round up the best surf movies you can find on Amazon Prime right now (2023), let’s get into the list:

White Rhino (2019)

This documentary from Brent Storm (what a great name) follows a group of big wave surfers and photographers as they journey to try and ride the largest wave ever seen. This movie was initially supposed to be a short film, but after finishing the interviews for the movie the team realized that there was a bigger story to tell. The movie captures the magic of surfing – when word arises that there is a big wave coming, surfers will do anything to get the chance to ride it. Find it on Prime Video here.

Time Well Spent (2018)

This documentary follows 4 young surfers who have lived through tough times – poverty, abuse, and death – and now find comfort and meaning in surfing. This is a really touching documentary that not only shows that your past doesn’t have to define your future, but it also shows the power of surfing. It’s a simple sport, but it gets you off the land and you lose yourself in the waves. We highly recommend you give it a watch, you can find it on Prime Video here.

Andy Irons: Kissed by God (2018)

We love this movie so much that we included it in our list of the best surfing documentaries ever made. Andy Irons is a legend in the world of surfing and this movie outlines his impressive story. Suffering from addiction and dealing with bipolar disorder, Irons managed to overcome his issues and become a three-time world champion. You can find this movie on Prime Video here.

The Endless Summer (1965)

We decided to include this older surfing movie in the list because it is one of the best surf movies ever made. Released in 1965, this film follows 2 surfers as they head off around the world on a surfing adventure to ride the perfect wave. Not only is the footage of early surfing really cool to see, but the narration is pretty funny and the scenery is wonderful. The highest praise we can give this movie is to say that even if you’re not into surfing, you’ll probably still love it. You can find this movie on Prime Video here.

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